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IPMAT Results 2023

Tushar Singh

AIR- 12

IIM - Indore

Anurag Pratap Singh

AIR- 32

IIM - Indore

Sir guided me through the meeting and sessions everyday which helped me in knowing what possible questions would be asked. so It was fabulous & I got very nice feedback from sir so that it helps me to boost my confidence.

Bhavesh Barde

AIR- 35

IIM - Indore

When I was preparing for my written exam as well as interview I used to visit edupower website and I used get a lot of knowledge and lot of support through it . I used to daily visit the edupower academy website and I used get a lot of content over there and get lot of different types of questions and there way to answer it.

Tushar Kumawat

AIR- 37

IIM - Indore

Saarth Sir gave me important tips , which was responsible for my selection in IIM Indore.

Mudit vig

selected in IIM - Ranchi

Edupower has helped me a lot for my selection in IIM Ranchi. I would definitely recommend Edupower to all the aspirants who want to crack IPMAT, sir is really a very good guide.

Soham Taneja

selected in IIM - Ranchi

Kuhu patil

selected in IIM - Ranchi


AIR 67

IIM - Indore

Niharika verma

AIR- 68

IIM - Indore

Harinandana v

AIR- 90

IIM - Indore

Ravisha Bhatt

AIR- 93

IIM - Indore


AIR- 106

IIM - Indore

Manav Bhola

AIR- 126

IIM - Indore

Soham Taneja

AIR- 147

IIM - Indore

Ishita Gupta

AIR- 166

IIM - Indore

sreshtha R

AIR- 178

IIM - Indore

Mann Gupta

AIR- 250

IIM - Indore

Prisha Chowdhury

Selected in IIM - Ranchi

Nishant Ingle

selected in IIM - Rohtak

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Edupower Academy

Best results

Edupower has produced AIR-32,35,37,67,68 etc in IPM exam

Finest faculty team

Edupower has the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty team in India including IITian, IIM selected teachers with a cumulative teaching experience of 15 + years.

Live Interactive classes

Edupower provides Live classes with 2-way interaction.

Doubt clearing session

Edupower provide doubt clearing sessions for 100 % concept clarity of the students.

Best Study Material

Edupower provides well framed study material having 3,500 + MCQs compiled by our IPMAT experts.

Regular MCQ Practise

Edupower provides rigorous question practise from wide sources.

Regular Test Series

Edupower provides regular test similar to actual IPMAT exam for self evaluation and constructive comparison of the aspirant.

Speed and accuracy

Edupower provides special emphasis and classes on increasing speed and accuracy in the exam by teaching short tricks for solving questions.

Access to online portal and App

Students gets access to our 24x7 online learning portal and APP to study, practise, take tests, and view their performance analysis.

Download the Edupower Academy app and get live classes, recorded lectures, online tests, etc.

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IPMAT is an entrance exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) for admission to its five-year Integrated Program in Management. This program is designed for students who have completed their 12th grade and wish to pursue a career in management. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Edupower Academy is the go-to coaching institute for IPMAT preparation. We understand the importance of preparing students for the competitive world of management. That is why our IPMAT online coaching is designed to not only help students crack the entrance exam but also develop their overall personality and skills.

Why Edupower Academy for IPMAT 2024?

Our faculty members have years of experience in coaching for competitive exams and have a deep understanding of the IPMAT exam pattern and syllabus. They are constantly updated with the latest changes and trends in the exam to ensure that our students are well-prepared. Over the years, we have helped numerous IPMAT aspirants achieve their dream of getting into prestigious management institutes like IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. Our students have consistently performed well in the IPMAT exam, with many of them scoring in the top percentiles. Our alumni are now successful professionals in various fields, and we take pride in their achievements.

OWhat sets Edupower Academy apart from other IPMAT online coaching institutes is our unique teaching methodology and approach. We believe in a holistic approach to learning, where we not only focus on the academic aspect but also on the overall development of our students. Our classes are interactive, and we encourage students to ask questions and engage in discussions. This helps in better understanding and retention of concepts. Our study material is comprehensive and covers all the topics in the IPMAT syllabus, along with practice questions and mock tests to assess the student's progress.

Features of Edupower Academy's IPMAT Online Coaching

With the increasing popularity of online learning, we at Edupower Academy have created a dynamic and engaging online platform to provide students with the best possible learning experience. One of the key features of our IPMAT Online Coaching is the interactive online classes. Our experienced faculty members use various teaching methods, such as live lectures, discussions, and group activities, to make the classes engaging and interesting.

Edupower Academy, we understand the importance of study materials in a student's preparation journey. That's why we have put together a comprehensive and well-structured study material for our IPMAT Online Coaching program. Our study material covers all the topics and concepts in the IPMAT syllabus, and is regularly updated to keep up with any changes in the exam pattern. We also provide additional resources, such as practice questions and previous years' papers, to help students build a strong foundation and excel in the exam.

Regular assessments are crucial for tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement. That's why we conduct regular mock tests for our IPMAT Online Coaching students. These mock tests are designed to simulate the actual exam and help students get a feel of the exam environment. Our performance analytics feature provides students with detailed feedback on their performance, highlighting their strengths and areas that need more focus. This helps students work on their weak areas and improve their overall score.

Join Edupower Academy for the Best IPMAT Online Coaching in 2024!

As we approach the year 2024, the competition for the IPM entrance exam is only going to get tougher. But with Edupower Academy by your side, you can be confident and well-prepared to face any challenge. We are proud to offer the best IPMAT online coaching in 2024, helping students like you achieve their dreams and secure a spot at IIM. So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll by clicking on any course above and then click on Buy Now button. For any queries you can speak to our counsellor at 9926803758

IPM/IPMAT Online coaching can be taken from your home. Thus it does not require you to visit the offline centre and saves your transportation cost. IPM/IPMAT online coaching is generally cheaper as compared to offline.

After enrollment you will be given a username and password to access classes on our online portal for IPM/IPMAT exam. You can get the classroom video on your online portal for skipped classes.

Yes, all the features of the course are available in both mobile app and desktop site.

You need to have access to continuous internet connection, mobile or laptop and earphone to watch live classes and video recordings.

We believe in concept building from basic to advanced level so that you enjoy the preparation and not just rote memorization of concepts. Our faculty makes use of animations, power points, videos etc to make the lecture interesting for better grasp of the student for IPM/IPMAT exam. We have the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty team in online mode, who have tutored thousands of successful aspirants.

Tests will be conducted into two layers i.e. weekly test and Full syllabus Test before the actual IPM/IPMAT exam. The Objective tests are conducted on the exam pattern of IPM/IPMAT in online mode for self-evaluation, self-discipline and constructive comparison of the aspirant. The online mock tests provide the closest experience to the real IPM/IPMAT exam. We also provide a Performance Analysis tool to help track the performance record, the downfalls, etc.

The course is a live course, hence you can interact with the faculty in via the LIVE CHAT option during the class. Also contact number of the faculty shall be shared with the students. The students can call the faculty after the class time for individual doubt clearing. Also doubt clearing session will be conducted after frequent intervals.

The live course will be activated within 24 hours of the payment.