IPM Interview Questions

Edupower Academy has compiled a wide range of important IPM Interview questions which can help you clear your IPM Interview and thus fulfill your dream of studying in a prestigious IIM. Going through this module shall definitely help you stand out from the rest of the IPM aspirants.

IPMAT Interview questions can be broadly divided into 3 types :-

  • Subject based questions/Technical questions - These questions include questions from subjects you have studied in class 11th/12th.
  • Questions based on general knowledge and current affairs.
  • Personality based questions.

In this module we have given you a template/structure of questions which is helpful for you to frame your own answers:-

Important points to keep in mind while answering IPMAT Interview questions:

  • 1. Never lie in front of the interview board.
  • 2. Whatever answers you give in the interview should be backed up by in depth detail about the same. In case you say something false and you are cross questioned on the same and you don’t have idea about it, it will leave a bad impression on the interviewer.
  • 3. Don’t say things that are too unrealistic and hard to justify and explain.
  • 4. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question just say “ Sorry Sir, I don’t know the answer, but I would like to find out and learn more about it.

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Q.1 Tell me something about yourself ?

This is the most expected question at the beginning of the IPM interview. This question gives the interviewer different dimensions like your academics, hometown etc from which he can further ask questions. This should be more like a discussion, rather than question and answer try that they should be interested in your profile. Try to touch their heart, emotional touch should be there as a differentiating factor between you and the rest of the candidates.

Answer :-

  • Here Tell your name, here are you from, your school name and your stream.
  • Tell about your academic and non academic achievements in school.
  • Tell about your personal qualities and values system.
  • Tell them why do you want to pursue IPM as a career.

Dont's :- In this answer don’t talk about your family income and family problems.

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Q.2 What are your hobbies/ extracurricular activities ?

This question is asked as an ideal candidate should have some hobbies. This is because as a manager working in a company your hobbies help you to mitigate stress and maintain a work life balance.

Answer :- Here first state the hobby, also tell how your hobby has helped in your life( studies as well as personal life).

1) Expected 1st cross question from your hobby- You should have complete knowledge about your hobby. For example- If your hobby is playing cricket you should have knowledge regarding all rules of cricket, different terminologies in cricket and recent cups and trophies in the field of cricket.

2) Expected 2nd cross question from your hobby- They can ask you how frequently do you pursue your hobby ? You should know how you incorporate your hobby in your daily life.

3) Expected 3rd cross question from your hobby ?- Why do you like your hobby ?. You should know why you like your hobby.

Note 1 - If you have many hobbies just prioritize your hobbies based on a sequence of most pursued to least pursued.

Note 2 - If you don’t have an hobby, don’t be ashamed of it. You can tell anything you do in your free time ex- playing video games, gyming, watching movies, watching web series etc.

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Q.3 What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

Strengths Answer :- Talk about maximum 3 strengths you have. Use story/prove /examples/personal experience to substantiate what you answer.

Weakness answer :- Talk about maximum 1- 2 weaknesses. Don’t speak much about your weaknesses. Your weakness should not be too extreme like being short tempered, being too emotional etc. At the end say that “I am trying my level best by doing ___ to overcome my weakness”.

Common list of strengths which can be used :-

  • Hard working
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Fast learner
  • All rounder
  • Creative/ Innovative
  • Dedicated
  • Flexibility/ ability to adapt to new situations/Resilient/Adaptability
  • Committed
  • Passionate
  • Team worker/collaborative
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Analytical/ critical thinker / Good problem solving abilities
  • Leadership qualities / Good planning skills
  • Self-control/self- discipline
  • Sharp memory
  • Ambitious
  • Good at time management
  • Empathy and kindness
  • Strong quantitative and logical reasoning skills
  • Good problem-solving abilities
  • High emotional Intelligence
  • Handling constructive criticism
  • Being Optimistic/positive
  • Good social skills
  • Detail oriented.

Common list of weaknesses which can be used :-

  • Self critical causing burnout and frustration
  • Too detail oriented
  • Too competitive
  • Risk averse
  • Procrastination
  • Insecure
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Being too introvert/ shy person
  • Being too extrovert / overtalkative person
  • Studying so much that not getting time for hobbies
  • Difficulty in adapting to new environment.

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Q.4 what is one thing, which you want to improve about yourself ?


  • Mention your one weakness.
  • Speak about steps that you are taking to manage your weakness.
  • At the end you can tell them about progress you have mode in overcoming your weakness.

Note - You should remember of one real life experience where you have identified/ shown your weakness.

Q.5 Why do you want to join the IPM course at IIMs ?

This is the most important question that can be asked by an interviewer. This question is asked not because the interviewer wants a flattery of IIM but he wants to know how clear you are regarding your future goals.

Ans: For commerce student - Sir, I studied Business studies subject in class 11th- 12th. I was really interested in the subject as it covers various domains like marketing, finance, operations, human resource etc hence I want to learn a holistic approach of business administration.
Hence IPM Program is a perfect fit to achieve my career objectives.

Note :

  • 1- To answer this question research the IIM website you are applying to and study the course curriculum of IPM program.
  • 2- While answering the question try to align your career goal with what IPM program offers.
  • 3- While answering such questions never say, I want to join IPM program for good placement/ money.
  • 4- While answering this question never ever boast about the IIM ex- This IIM has really nice placements and beautiful infrastructure hence I want to join it.

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Other important IPMAT Interview questions:

Q1. Why should I select you over others ?

Q2. Why do you prefer IPM over other courses ?

Q3. Where do you belong to ?

Q4. Meaning of your name ?

Q5. Name a famous personality /politician/ actor from your hometown ?

Q6. Name a tourist site in your hometown ?

Q7. Name a historically significant place in your hometown ?

Q8. Who is the CM of your state and which party does he belong to ?

Q9. Name a river that passes through your hometown ?

Q10. Economy/ major industries of your state ?

Q11. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line ?

Q12. Where do you see youyrself 10 years down the line ?

Q13. What skills do you hope to develop once you enter IIM?

Q14. What is your back up plan if you don’t clear IPM?

Q15. What is your single largest achievement so far ? why do you consider it as your achievement ?

Q16. What are the 3 most important values you have influence your thought and action ?

Q17. Who is your role model ? Why he is your role model ?

Q18. What is your deepest regret in life ?

Q19. Describe two incidents that have greatly influences your life ?

Q20. How do you respond to criticism in general?

Q21. What was your favourite subject in class 12th ?

Q22. What are your long term and short term goals ?

Q23. Do you have any question for us ?

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Q.1) What are the possible IPMAT interview questions ?

Ans.) Given above is a list of possible IPMAT Interview questions. These IPMAT interview questions range from general knowledge to personality to class 12th subject questions.

Q.2) How can I prepare well for the IPM interview questions ?

Ans.) To prepare well for IPMAT Interview questions you can join our FREE IPMAT Mock Interviews

Q.3) How to get exhaustive list of IPM Interview questions ?

Ans.) An exhaustive list of IPMAT interview questions is given above. For a better understanding of How to answer these IPM Interview questions, you can join our FREE IPM Interview coaching.

Q.4) How to answer IPMAT Interview questions ?

Ans.) To answer IPMAT interview questions first you should make and exhaustive list of important IPMAT Interview questions. Then you should write point wise answer to these IPM Interview questions. Then you should give mock interviews to develop a good practice and fluency in answering IPMAT interview questions.