CUET Results

Dewanshi Choudhary

Political science- 100%ile

Psychology- 100%ile

History- 99.05%ile

English- 97.94%ile

I joined Edupower Academy because I needed in depth knowledge of the subjects and the academy has provided exactly what it promised. the faculty were is very experienced and friendly and are very good at explaining concepts . The study material provided by the institute has also been helpful as it contained mock tests after every chapter and also included extra details . I am very grateful to the institute as it has helped in getting to my dream collage .

Om Tiwari

History- 100%ile

Geography- 100%ile

Political scinece- 100%ile

General Aptitude- 99.1%ile

It was a nice experience under Saarth sir. The English and GT faculty is very good, cleared all my doubts and the lectures has also cleared my concepts. The tests were also good they gave me exam like experience and overall it was a very good experience

Rishi Rai

Economics- 100%ile

General aptitude- 99.79%ile

Political science- 98.84%ile

It was a wonderful and lovely experience at edupower Academy. The teaching staff and especially the material they provide is extremely beneficial for CUET

Devyani Patidar


General Aptitude-90.4%ile

Business studies-90.12%ile

Edupower has helped me in various aspects of CUET, I was very confused in the beginning but all my doubts were cleared eventually. Topics that were taught exactly same came in my exam. The CUET booklet provided by them is very helpful in preparation. I think it was a great decision for choosing Edupower, Thank you Edupower.

Arunima singh


The overall experience was great, especially, the subjects which were taught by Saarth sir.

Khushi Siddiqui

Political science- 100%ile

Economics- 98%ile

History- 96%ile

English- 94%ile

I had a very nice experience in edupower. Most important thing that helped me in my preparation was the study material that was provided by the institute. it has variety of question that helped me a lot, and the second thing is teachers and environment which is so warm and nice. Every teacher has a friendly, warm and cordial attitude towards us and they cleared each and every doubt. Environment is studios, and there is no nonsense stuff at all. We All studied together nicely and cracked CUET. Thank you Edupower and Saarth sir.

Why Join Edupower Academy

Best Results

Edupower has produces many 100%iles in CUET.

Experienced Faculty

The coaching has the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty team in Bhopal including IIT Alumni, IIM selected teachers, DElhi university alumni, PhD teachers with a cumulative teaching experience of 30 + years.

Individual Attention & Mentoring

The coaching provides individual attention to each student for CUET exam due to small batch size of 50 students.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The coaching provides doubt clearing sessions in online/offline mode for 100% concept clarity of the students for CUET exam.

Best Study Material

The coaching provides well framed study material compiled by our expert faculty team for CUET both in online as well as offline mode.

Regular MCQ Practice

The coaching provides rigorous questions practice from wide sources so that questions appearing in actual CUET paper are already solved by students in the classroom.

Regular Test Series

The coaching provides regular Tests similar to actual CUET exam for self-evaluation, self-discipline and constructive comparison of the aspirant both in online and offline mode.

Speed & Accuracy

The coaching provides special emphasis and classes on increasing speed and accuracy in the exam by teaching short tricks for solving questions.

Access to online portal and App

Students gets access to our 24x7 online learning portal and APP to study, practise, take tests, and view their performance analysis.

How do we ensure quality classroom coaching for CUET ?

  • We believe in concept building for CUET from basic to advanced level so that you enjoy the preparation and not just rote memorization of concepts.
  • Our faculty makes use of animations, power points, videos etc to make the lecture interesting for better grasp of the student for CUET exam.
  • We have the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty team for CUET in Bhopal, who have tutored thousands of successful aspirants.

How will question solving practice be covered for CUET in the course ?

  • Our faculty teaches a large variety of questions in the classroom that can be asked in the CUET exam.
  • We believe in rigorous practice hence our study material has over 2000+ questions graded into different levels on CUET exam pattern which student can solve.
  • Our faculty also teaches short tricks, techniques, to speed up the questions and hence enhance the MCQ solving ability and skills in the actual CUET exam.

How will current affairs for CUET be covered in the course ?

  • Current affairs are covered along with the regular classes by interlinking current events and static (general knowledge) parts.
  • Our faculty team works hard to scan the relevant newspapers and filter CUET exam relevant important information and facts.

Is study material for CUET provided in the coaching ?

  • Study material is compiled from relevant books by our expert faculty team.
  • Study material will be updated regularly according to the evolving pattern of the CUET exam.
  • The study material will have previous year questions of the CUET exam so that aspirant can understand the need and demand of the exam.

What will be the schedule of tests for CUET ?

  • Tests will be conducted into two layers i.e. weekly test and Full syllabus Test before the actual CUET exam.
  • The Objective tests are conducted on the exam pattern of CUET in both online and offline mode for self-evaluation, self-discipline and constructive comparison of the aspirant.
  • The online/offline mock tests provide the closest experience to the real CUET exam. We also provide a Performance Analysis tool to help track the performance record, the downfalls, etc

Is individual attention given to each child by the coaching ?

  • We have a small batch size of 50 students. Our faculty approaches each student in a special manner as no two candidates are alike.
  • We pay special attention to each child to overcome the candidates weakness and make them confident to face the examination.

How will doubt clearing be covered in the course ?

  • Our faculty is available round the clock and not just during the classroom hours, students can enter the institute any time and discuss their doubts with the faculty.
  • In online mode students can ask doubts in the live chat. After every chapter completion there will be doubt clearing sessions for 100 % concept clarity of the students.

What if I miss a class ?

  • After enrolment you will be given a username and password to access classes on our online portal for CUET exam.
  • You can get the classroom video on your online portal for skipped classes.

Which is the best/top CUET coaching in Bhopal ?

  • If you are looking for the best/top CUET coaching centre in Bhopal, then you have come to the right place. Edupower coaching is the best/top coaching in Bhopal for CUET.
  • The experienced and efficient faculty of our coaching helps students to crack the CUET examination efficiently. From the study materials to the mock tests, we keep everything updated to cope with the constant changes in the nature and pattern of CUET examination.
  • We probably have the Best/Top faculty team in Bhopal. The coaching provides personalized training to each of the candidates to gain the best result for them.

What are the qualities of the best CUET coaching in Bhopal?

  • Best CUET coaching in Bhopal should have best faculties from top colleges like IITs and HAVING good teaching experience.
  • Best CUET coaching in Bhopal should provide individual attention and mentoring to students.
  • Best CUET coaching in Bhopal should provide relevant, to the point, updated study material.
  • Best CUET coaching in Bhopal should provide rigorous MCQ practice in the class itself.
  • Best CUET coaching in Bhopal should have regular tests for evaluation , improvement in performance of students.
  • Best coaching in Bhopal for CUET should teach short tricks for increasing question solving speed.
  • Best coaching in Bhopal for CUET should combine offline teaching with online teaching in situation of skipped classes/Covid pandemic.
  • Best coaching in Bhopal for CUET should provide doubt clearing sessions for 100 % concept clarity of students.

How do I prepare for CUET exam in Bhopal ?

Preparing for CUET exam in Bhopal is all about discipline and sincerity. The goal is very high and competition is tough. Preparation for CUET exam is not an easy task unless guided by a mentor and following strict schedule for each subject along with timely test series to assure that your preparations are going as per the syllabus. Fortunately Bhopal has institute like Edupower which is the Best CUET coaching in Bhopal

Is coaching important to prepare for CUET exam in Bhopal?

  • If you are staying in Bhopal and want to prepare for CUET exam without any coaching class, then make up your mind that it will not be an easy task. While self-studying, for CUET you will have no mentor to guide when you are stuck somewhere. Discipline and determination for CUET cannot be guaranteed when you are not organized well. So, it is always recommended to join the best coaching for CUET in Bhopal.
  • When you get suggestions and ready-made study materials, from top/best CUET coaching in Bhopal this challenge feels a little easier. So, it is really helpful to get coaching for CUET from best CUET coaching in Bhopal that is Edupower academy.

Is Bhopal the Best/Top city to prepare for CUET exam?

  • Bhopal is the hub spot for academics for competitive exams in the central part of India. Geographical location of Bhopal also makes the place accessible from all the major cities / states of the country through air, railway and roads hence Bhopal is best for CUET coaching.
  • Unlike Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore etc Bhopal does not suffer from heavy traffic of over-a-million non-supervised teenage students hence Bhopal is best for CUET coaching.
  • Bhopal is quite safe and secure. It is not an industrial hub either [like Indore, Delhi etc] that makes Bhopal relatively peaceful and Best place to prepare for CUET exam. Also cost of living in Bhopal is quite less. Hence Bhopal is best for CUET coaching.

What is the fee for CUET coaching in Bhopal?

There are many coaching centers in Bhopal for CUET coaching and the gross amount of fees varies. The fees of a coaching depends on several factors such as faculty, number of hours of teaching, past results etc. To know our coaching fees you can call us.